Navarm can provide turnkey solutions for the nuclear industry, our dynamic supply chain services include scheduled maintenance support services, operational management & procurement services, transportation, consolidation and supply chain management with local engagement. The new nuclear new build programme has allowed Navarm to develop strategic partnerships with national & global nuclear industry suppliers enhancing the services available to the UK nuclear new build programme.

Navarm can provide secure storage facilities for critical components and general use supplies, Navarm can provide Quality Assured inspection services prior to delivery and full trackability of the items stored from receipt to dispatch and all points in-between. The Navarm security personnel maintain stores integrity on our list X storage facility in Somerset, the site has room to expand the storage capacity allowing Navarm to enhance capacity with the demand generated by the nuclear new build programme.

Navarm can provide project cargo storage in port locations around the UK, we have mobile stevedoring teams that can support any type of vessel or cargo requirement.

Navarm provide full port operation management services for temporary or long term port operations in association with out joint venture partners around the world. Single jetty low use operations through to multiple berths and multiple complex loading & discharging operations.