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 Hi, from Goldnavarm.

The Goldnavarm Irish setters did us all proud on the 21st and 22nd of March at the West Country Games Fair, held at the Bath and West Showground. They took part in the shows Gundog parade, the organisers of the parade were very pleased to have, at last Irish Setters taking part as they had not been included in the parade for a very long time.

Goldnavarm took all of our GORGEOUS Setters, this included Goldnavarm Achilies, Goldnavarm Akisha (Ashanti), Goldnavarm Bramble, and our newsest addition 5 month old Goldnavarm Candytuft (Issy). They all did really well faced with a very crowded building full of stands and lots of people, with many of them wanting to stop and say 'hello' to the dogs while asking us about them. They were very popular. They all behaved very well and seemed to enjoy the extra attention, we were very proud of them.

Both Saffy and Astrea stayed at home, and they are doing well too!

Here are some pictures from the day.


Dog paradeAchilies trotting

Goldnavarm CandytuftGoldNavarm Setters